Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Today is February 14th and its my mf'ing birthday!!! I officially will be 41 at 3:51 pm. I started celebrating February 1st and will continue to celebrate until I feel like its time to stop. 

I love birthdays! Not just my own but birthdays period. I have bullied my loved ones into celebrating their birthdays. Why wouldn't you celebrate your day? That date and time was chosen for you to have needs to be celebrated. You made it another year!!! Yaaaaaay! 

I celebrate for me and those that can not celebrate anymore. I celebrate for my mama, my grandmothers, grandfathers and my friends that I have lost over the years. Life is precious, fragile, and ever changing so I will make the best of every year I am allowed to be here. 

This year I had a theme but that was not my plan. The theme found me lol. I hate shopping. I like browsing Dirt Cheap and the Thrift Store for a good find but I hate the mall and department stores. I wondered around for about an hour looking for a shirt. I had a look in mind but could not find THE shirt. I ended in Midtown in Az Well and this was my last resort. I had no luck and was walking out of the store when a red shirt caught my eye. The shirt was in between some shorts that looked like panties and it was the only one. The shirt was just there and read GOOD VIBES and it was my size....ayyyyyyye! Sooo that's my new life theme...GOOD VIBES ONLY and I am going to ride on out with that in my 41st year of life. If you mean me no good...gwone on. Ion need an explanation just gwone on. If you are not trying to bring good energy my way...gwone on. 

I am going into this new year of life shining with enthusiasm and great ideas. I will no longer allow anyone to dim my light with their opinions or negative energy...GOOD VIBES ONLY. That phrase is invisibly emblazoned on my forehead from here on out and I need everyone that comes my way to pretend that they see it...

I shall continue my celebration and I thank everyone that helped this birthday be lit AF.