Thursday, December 20, 2018


Good loving
The girls got pretty good lovin'
Ask me how I know
And I'll tell you so..
She used to be my girl
My Giiirl

I respect her
When she was mine
I used to neglect her
She wanted more than I could give
But as long as I live
She'll be my girl

She used to be my girl
She used to be my girl

She had a charming personality
The girl was so right for me
Shes my girl

And If I had the chance
I'd take her back
As a matter a fact
Right away
Like today

Not only good-lookin
The girl was so smart
Can't beat her cooking
Ask me how I know
And I'll tell you so
She used to be my girl

I still love her
I'd place noone above her

I love this song but it irks me. The shoulda coulda wouldas been going on since the beginning of time and men still aint learned to take care of the woman while they together. Is it ego? Pride? Ignorance? Men I know its unfair but I can only write from a womans prospective so gwone somewhere..

This song was made 40 years ago. Some man 40 years ago lost a woman and then sat on his ass, wrote a song professing his love and regret...after the fact. Where was this energy during the relationship? Now you standing around telling folks you used to hit..

Most of us do not care after the fact. In the past this has actually been hurtful because someone telling me this just let me know they knew what to do but they just chose not to do it. That's not endearing or helpful. It is a dagger drove deeper so keep it fellas. You are hearing this directly from a female. Just keep it... Sincere apologies work. Effort works. Empty words do not..

Disclaimer: I listened to this song on the way to work and this came to mind. Do not try to parallel this to my current life.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

We Yet Here

Hey you! Yea you...

Yes we are still doing our blog but life came at us fast so we had to focus on other things...
Meka's Grandson Javon

Leigh's Granddaughter Aria
We both were dealing with postpartum depression and had to take some time off. Don't question us about that either. 
There is a ton of stuff in the works and we look forward to getting this show back on the road. We appreciate everyone that has been supporting our Facebook page. You could have been anywhere in the world but you were on posts wasting time with us.