Tuesday, September 26, 2017

That Awkward Moment When Your Guests Keep Tripping Over The Racism You Thought You Swept Under The Rug...

It didn't quite stick when Claudette Colvin did it but Rosa Parks got attention. Was it that Parks was more popular or had it become more of an epidemic by this time? I am not sure. Was the solidarity & bus boycott about public transportation or the treatment of some that used public transportation? 

Where was the patriotism then? Did you not notice what was happening?

When Vets return to the US homeless and literally dying to get medical attention, where is the patriotism?

Were you a patriot when all men couldn't vote? Even when these men returned from the wars, fighting for a country that didn't love them? Coming back to FIGHT A COUNTRY that they FOUGHT FOR? Did you stand beside them and fight WITH them?

Race is the big, disgusting, violent, ugly elephant in the room that all are not willing to address. It's here folks. Never left. Not talking about it or ignoring it won't make it go away or resolve itself. It took 381 days from Rosa Parks' court date to get the law changed so that everyone could ride the bus. It was patriots that made & enforced the law that they, the 'patriots', believed was right even though it infringed on the rights of others.

Discrimination is a common practice. Undoing discriminatory practices are what seems to be un-American.

So you mean to tell me, you are a patriot & defender of all rights for everyone at all times? Then why doesn't the WHY of Kaepernick's silent, peaceful protest, move you? Or are you only a patriot & defender of rights when it doesn't affect yours? And that's the real reason why Kaepernick's silent, peaceful protest bothers you. You are forced to examine yourself, what you've been taught, how you've behaved...

Why are we made to believe that because multiple bloody & deadly fights/protests lead us to get the most basic of rights that were afforded to others just by being born, should pacify us? And we should take these W's and not press our luck? Reminds me of a battered woman being told that she shouldn't upset him so much so he won't hit her. Or being asked what she said or did to set him off. Quit making him so mad and he won't hit you...

All Lives Matter ha? All lives matter is a deflection. How can All Lives Matters when Black & Brown lives don't? And that's for anyone that it applies to, not just white police officers or white people in general. IT IS TO ANYONE THAT DOESN'T VALUE A LIFE ON EITHER SIDE FOR ANY REASON.

All Lives Matter is a deflection to avoid talking about why Black or Brown Lives Matter & how one doesn't exist without the other. Do we really not get this? Do we really not get that just b/c the Klan isn't marching in their cloaks at night, snatching negras our of their beds with torches, that we have progressed? Do we really not get that separate water fountains, buses, entrances, restaurants, schools, sleeping quarters and treatment of non-Whites didn't affect or shape anything that has manifested? That it has nothing to do with what we see now? Do we really not get racism has been and still is, alive and rampant?  Or are we choosing not to get this? Like patriotism, is it selective? Or left up to interpretation?

Selective Patriotic Interpretation Lives Matter. 

Selective Lives Matter. 

HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT KNEELING WHILE THE NATIONAL ANTHEM BEING PLAYED IS DISRESPECTFUL TO THE FLAG OR VETERANS WHEN NEITHER OF THESE SYMBOLS REPRESENTS ALL CITIZENS? Take that in. The rights, freedoms, and liberties that were fought for under the guise of this flag and the symbolism of the National Anthem were not made with non-Whites in mind and were not meant for non-Whites to enjoy - thus the marches and protests and law changes that endured. The mindset is still there. Have you ever wondered why? Why some were given automatic protections and freedoms under something called the United States of America when we are anything but united...except in the treatment of non-Whites?

How does the silent protest help, you ask? 

Mr. John Legend:

The president of the United States loves to drape himself in the symbols of patriotism, but fails to respect the ideals at the core of our Constitution and national identity. Trump may love the flag, but he doesn’t love anything it’s supposed to stand for. He actively encouraged a hostile foreign power to infiltrate our electoral process. He wants to suppress millions of Americans’ right to vote because they didn’t vote for him. He routinely undermines freedom of religion with his rabid Islamophobia, attacks the free press with disturbing regularity, and is now attacking the rights of the people to peacefully protest.
Protest is patriotic. Protest has played a critically important role in elevating the voices of the most vulnerable in our nation. Protest in America has been essential to ending war, to demanding equal rights, to ending unfair practices that keep citizens marginalized. If we quell protest in the name of patriotism, we are not patriots. We are tyrants.
Would there have been a Civil Rights Act without the Birmingham protests? When Bull Connor unleashed his fire hoses and dogs on the schoolchildren taking to the streets, racial disparities and the violence facing people because of the color of their skin became the issues of the times. With savage images of the brutal attack in the news every day, President John Kennedy had little choice but to push for a Civil Rights Act that demanded equal services and equal rights.

-a quote taken from Rodney Pelt, Sr.'s Facebook page.

Let the truth of that set in. One is to help you. The other is to absolutely intimidate and hurt you. And there are questions as to which should be upheld.

Oh & here's Mr. Shannon Sharpe...

And let's be clear. As Sharpe said, the display this past Sunday had nothing to do with standing in solidarity with Kaepernick, this is about rich people being told what to do & not liking that narrative. Plus, the President of the United States, of the "FREE" world, called those that are silently calling attention to injustices "sons of bitches that need to be fired" but there were "fine people" in Charlottesville and mistakes were made on both sides...

And if you're one of those people that don't believe anything until white people notice and agree, the next 2 links are for you: 

Mr. Dalen Hansen: 

Mr. Jordan Rooney of the NFBD movement - Never Fear Being Different

And we can't forget Trevor Noah. Either link will get you there.

Trevor. Damn. Noah.

Do we get it yet? 

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#BeAllInOrGetOut #WorkingTogetherForOurChildren 

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Reading is Fundamental

Post a news article: Where that happen at? Who got shot? Did they die?

Post a flyer with all pertinent information on it: What time does it start? Where is it? Whose giving it?

Someone took the time out to share information with you so the
least you could do is read it. Is it that hard?

Does it take too much time? Talk to me because I really want to
understand. Help me understand so I can be more sympathetic 
because I am just a little depressed at the fact that a lot of people 
will not read or are just that lazy. Are you scrolling through social
 media like this

I need some answers people!
Lets do better and read whats put out there for us and questions are
 welcomed if you still did not get all the information you require. 


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Respect the West

Respect the West 

Earlier this year I moved back to the west side of Tuscaloosa and there are a few things I have noticed...

1. The majority of you whiners do not even live on the West side.

2. Customer service sucks at the stores on the West side.

3. The nicest people live on the West.

I will address each of these..

1. All these rants about what needs to happen to the West but you assholes will not open a business over here nor shop over here or attend a council meeting. Y'all will not come over here for nothing but church yet sit somewhere and complain about everything on the West side. PLEASE. STOP. IT. If you are not going to be active and help make change or attend meetings to voice your opinion then PLEASE. STOP. IT. We are sick of you. Every time something is proposed to be brought to the West, its opposed but y'all want things to be brought over here. How that work Sway?! How? Any time I have reached out to my council woman, she has either answered my question or put me in touch with the person that can answer my question. You have heard that its easier to catch bees with honey right? Show up to council meetings, email, or call with your concerns but these asinine social media posts...PLEASE. STOP. IT.

2. Now I done told these folks to shop over here, business owners you are going to have to do your part with your employees. I do not appreciate the eye rolls, heavy breathing, or lack of eye contact from your employees. When training new hires, please stress customer service just as much as you do how to do the job at hand. I feel like I am bothering someone to spend my money and I will not continue to do that. Now if you want these coins, I'ma need you to do a little better. I do not want my items rung up while the cashier is scratching their head while talking to their coworker about how turnt she was the night before. Ion wanna hear about all.  Please encourage good customer service because we deserve it on the West too. West Side Diner and Beauty and Beyond has the best customer service on the West and I do not mind spending money with either of them. Now I will not name the ones I have gotten bad service from because I have sent emails and I am expecting a turn around any day now. I did not go to Facebook and complain, I looked up the company information and sent personal emails. You see what I did there?

3. Customer service sucks but my fellow Westonians are the bomb! I get doors opened for me, I get smiles and salutations, and kids are mannerable. When I go to the store, I know I will have a conversation with at least one stranger. If someone asks how you doing, they will pause for a reply. I love it!

I grew up on this side of town and have played in these streets so I have a special place in my heart for this area and what you're not gone do is talk about us like we are barbarians and dirt poor. If you are so worried about the West, then come on over here and help right some wrongs instead of typing about it. Put those hands to work towards something positive. Checkers wants to add a franchise on the West and y'all trying your best to not let that happen. People bringing up 2 people being killed walking across Stillman Boulevard as a reason for Checkers not to be built. That happened in the 70's and it was not even Stillman Boulevard then, it was 9th street. "Fuck the people that may have an opportunity to work there because it is in walking distance" and "fuck any future businesses that's waiting on someone to build over here so they can follow". Fuck progress, I guess. You keep screaming nothing is being done on the West but when something is being done it's never enough or not what you wanted. The city got a grant to offer free WIFI and all I saw was people complaining about their tax dollars and how the government was going to be watching us. But your tax dollars being wasted on security details on a wife that did not want to move to the white house but y'all cool with that huh.. Plus most people that were talking about tax dollars did not even live in the city limits anyway. Get somewhere and take an eternal nap with that foolishness. And you conspiracy theorists, if the government wants you, they will get you. They do not have to look far because most of you tell on yourselves on social media anyway...

I just want us to do better and be better. Let's help our city and do whats best for the greater good and not just for ourselves. And never forget please Respect the West..

Thursday, September 14, 2017



If I get hit by someone on their phone, I swear I am going to roll out of my car and roll into the street screaming whether I am hurt or not. I need all my coins! Maybe these large settlements will make y'all asses stop facetiming, snapchatting, and facebooking while driving. People do everything but concentrate while driving. When I am sitting at a traffic light I look around and 75% of drivers are distracted..well 77.5% because my ass is looking at all y'all on your phones...

Is that phone really more important than your life and anyone else on the road? Can it not wait until you get to where you going?  Each day in the United States, approximately 9 people are killed and more than 1,000 injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver. Distracted driving is driving while doing another activity that takes your attention away from driving. Another ACTIVITY! The phone is just one distraction. A distraction can be anything...your dog in your lap, the food you eating, or your mind wandering off. We doing every and anything but paying attention to the road.

But why though? You can't make it 15 to 30 mins without being entertained?

Yes Obama, WE CAN. I have done much better over the years because I was a habitual texting driver until I came close to tearing up my car and 2 other people's cars. Since that...

I don't text and drive no mo! I want you all to be better than me. Do not come close to losing it all before you get yo life together. I scared myself straight and now I am trying to scare my friends straight one icy glare at a time..

Promo Thursday - Updated 10/11/17

Tickets available thru Tameka for $10 until they are gone!!

Coming up in November!! 
Please make plans to attend and spread the word.

If you would like your community event posted, please email the flyer to us at and give us your name and any information that you would like posted about the event. If you would like to advertise your business on our site, promotion for an upcoming event, email us.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I'm Sked (Scared)

I'm Sked (Scared)

"Fear is temporary, regret is forever..."-Author Unknown

How many times have you talked yourself out of doing something because of fear? Some fear is good like the fear that stops you from quitting your job to sell dope and going to prison. That's rational fear..

So Kahlia Leo thinks I am funny and for some damn reason has asked me to participate in her comedy show on October 27th. Me? Funny? I am hilarious on Facebook. I tickle myself at times in my head...

But live and in person?! Man I am petrified! I have tried to come up up with a million excuses not to do it but why? Am I afraid of what people may say? am I afraid to fail? I am I afraid of looking stupid? YUP! All of the got damn above... 

I fought with backing out until I saw the flyer on Facebook...WTF!

Once I saw the flyer I knew shit had gotten real. I can't flake now..dammit! Now I have to get up there in front of folks and hope for a few lil giggles. If you come to see me and don't at least snicker then you will be shot with cheetos full of red fire ants dead in yo face. Think it's a game!
I have witnessed people bomb and the crowd start having random conversations about child support, chicken recipes, and who got sodas on sale while the person is fumbling on stage. Its painful to watch. At least give me the common decency of being quiet or talking to me because I like soda and sales. 

The Snapback Is Not Worth Your Life...

The Snapback...

What is the rush? Who are you trying to prove something to? Who are you trying to look good for, leaking from every orifice of your body? Why do you need to be out and about? Why are you trying to be seen? 

I can understand if your maternity leave is unpaid and you have bills to pay and nowhere else for this money to come from. But come on - you're risking your life just to look good to a bunch of strangers? 

Society has ruined us.

Social media is killing us.

Media has made us hate ourselves and our bodies. The need for validation, in the form of likes from friends and strangers alike is mind boggling, devastating and truly sad...unless your job depends on it. But there are companies that offer insurance and payments for cases such as these, if your job doesn't. But I digress.

First off - let me make something clear to you: it took your body 9-10 months, at least 36-40 weeks to create this life & gain this weight. You are NOT going to snapback in 2 weeks. There are some exceptions for those that were already fit prior to getting pregnant. There are a few other freaks of nature that the exceptions apply to but for the majority of us, it takes time for our tummies to flatten back out, if it ever does. It's just like when you gain weight. It took you awhile to gain this weight, you will not lose it in 14 days unless you're 6 feet under.

Secondly - these IG models and famous people opt for a tummy tuck when they deliver. Then they pose with flat tummy tea and wear waist trainers as if THAT is what helped them to snapback. They are paid for these endorsements. Of course they are going to tell you that's what helped them. That is what they are getting paid to do! They are being paid to lie to you so that you'll spend your money buying these products. There are no magical potions to losing weight fast.

Thirdly - you should always check with your doctor and listen to your body on how soon you're ready to resume normal activities/wear waist trainers. There are many myths that we grew up with about any and everything but a setback is not one of them. You parents, grandparents and aunts are not wrong. It is a thing. Sometimes you feel the effects immediately and sometimes it doesn't show up until later in life.

Why do you think women are still wearing and companies are still coming up with all these contraptions to APPEAR to have lost weight? Because they are preying on the vulnerability of these women who society and social media have told that they have to be a certain size and look a certain way. And instead of spending money on all these organ rearranging internal vacuums, you can actually invest in your self, weight loss program with a menu, and/or a gym that will give it to you the natural way. It takes patience. Outside of adipex, I've found NOTHING that beats portion control, exercise and better eating.

You will lose your mind trying to keep up with the Nicki Minaj's, the Natalie Nunn's, Kimbella's, Kim Zolciak's, Black Chyna's, the Draya's and the Kardashian's of the world (there are plenty more but you get the point) b/c you don't have that kind of money. 

Another fun fact: a lot of these "goals" have gone to see Dr. Curves or similar doctors that offer fat transfers and brazilian butt lifts. That's where they go in and take fat from other parts of the body and inject them into their hips and butt. OR they opt for the silicone. You're jealous of manufactured bodies. You're risking your life over surgically enhanced bodies. You're comparing your natural body to something made in the OR. I'm not against plastic surgery. But I'm against having plastic surgery and fooling your fan base like you achieved those results under false pretenses.

And if you go the cheap way??

Stop it. It's not worth it. If you're doing this for the likes or for the attention of multiple men, stop it. Yeah, I see what they like and put hearts under on social media just like you do. I see what they glorify on music videos, tv shows and movies. I hear what they like in the music.

It has made you, consciously or subconsciously, feel like if you look like these women that they are salivating over then they'd salivate over you too. But in reality, he doesn't know what kind of women they are. You can't base life decisions on outside appearances. How's her head...the one on her shoulders? How's her heart? How does she treat others? Is she responsible? Does she abuse drugs and alcohol? Is she nice? Mean? Hateful? Does she believe in God? Is she an Atheist? Does her morals and values align with yours? How is she to her children, if she has any? 

They don't know ANYTHING about these women except their bodies are appealing to them. They are imagining doing things to them. They'd probably never have a chance with them and the women wouldn't even pick them out, out of a lineup. And when they fail at landing one of these women, guess where their eyes will wonder back to? 

Let me flip and ask, the guys that you are seeking attention from, what are THEY like? You may not even want them or what they have to offer. Chiiiiile, you better leave dusty Tyrone where he is. They want supermodels but take pix like this:

Love yourself. Take care of yourself. Love your body. Perceived flaws and all. And the right person, will love everything about you, even those parts of you that you want to be ashamed of.

So again, I ask, what is the rush? Who are you trying to prove something to? Who are you trying to look good for, leaking from every orifice of your body? Why do you need to be out and about? Why are you trying to be seen? Can somebody answer this for me please?

Wontcha join me?