Thursday, December 20, 2018


Good loving
The girls got pretty good lovin'
Ask me how I know
And I'll tell you so..
She used to be my girl
My Giiirl

I respect her
When she was mine
I used to neglect her
She wanted more than I could give
But as long as I live
She'll be my girl

She used to be my girl
She used to be my girl

She had a charming personality
The girl was so right for me
Shes my girl

And If I had the chance
I'd take her back
As a matter a fact
Right away
Like today

Not only good-lookin
The girl was so smart
Can't beat her cooking
Ask me how I know
And I'll tell you so
She used to be my girl

I still love her
I'd place noone above her

I love this song but it irks me. The shoulda coulda wouldas been going on since the beginning of time and men still aint learned to take care of the woman while they together. Is it ego? Pride? Ignorance? Men I know its unfair but I can only write from a womans prospective so gwone somewhere..

This song was made 40 years ago. Some man 40 years ago lost a woman and then sat on his ass, wrote a song professing his love and regret...after the fact. Where was this energy during the relationship? Now you standing around telling folks you used to hit..

Most of us do not care after the fact. In the past this has actually been hurtful because someone telling me this just let me know they knew what to do but they just chose not to do it. That's not endearing or helpful. It is a dagger drove deeper so keep it fellas. You are hearing this directly from a female. Just keep it... Sincere apologies work. Effort works. Empty words do not..

Disclaimer: I listened to this song on the way to work and this came to mind. Do not try to parallel this to my current life.

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  1. It's amazing how this always happens, and thanks for making me actually focus on the words to the song, because I never have before... LOL! This is pretty much the same thing that Brian McKnight on the somg he did with the same name (I still call that one the ultimate hater song, since he's directing that one at his ex's current dude). It's the same age of story... A lot of men don't realize what they had until it's gone. The story will, unfortunately, probably never change. Some men recognize it when they've been away from the woman. In most cases, the man will recognize it once he's been with another woman that does not live up to the standards of his ex. I know it's not fair to women, and all I can do is apologize for men not having the sensability to recognize what they have. I've had one or two myself that I wish I had tried harder to keep. But, in my case, I cannot see myself reuniting with most of my exes, because there is a reason we are no longer together. It is what it is, and women will have to, unfortunately, sift through all the bad ones to get to that good one. It ain't fair, I KNOW! Believe me, I do. But, we don't think alike, men and women, and we never wil, so this will continue to happen.

  2. Man listen! We just won’t somebody to tell us these things why we care.

  3. Exactly! You wait until we are gone to have your Aha moment? Too little, too late.

  4. Okay, let's keep it REAL that are SERIOUS about their commitment AND truly love that woman will cherish her and do what it takes to keep her happy. BUT, they have to have BOTH...commitment AND love. A man can love a woman and still have a wondering eye, and be tempted by other women....that is a man with no commitment. Then, there is the man that is in a relationship, that is happy where he is, until he sees someone that draws his attention, and he slowly starts to pull away. THAT man isn't truly in love with the one he's with. Sad to say, you can do EVERYTHING right and still lose him. Whether he stays or not is not on's on HIM. Then, there is one last thing....some men are just GREEDY & SELFISH. THOSE are the ones that should NEVER be in a relationship. But, those are the ones that will tell/show a woman EXACTLY what she wants to see and hear to get in with her. Too bad you ladies don't have a "spidy sense" to help you fiend those men off, because some of them are very good at what they do. All you really can do is hope that once you give your heart to him, he doesn't tear it to shreds.